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Perfect Bound Notepads

You can easily have your memo pads printed with your own logo or some other design on it at our website. The memo pads look professional and you will always have your own writing pads with you to make notes. The memo pads are also a good gift for business relations. De pages of the glued memo pad are easy to rip off the pages neatly, so you can still file them in a folder.

Your glued memo pads can be completely designed to your own wishes. You can also decide what size your memo pad has to be. For example we offer memo pads in sizes A7 till A3 or you could order the same sizes as a square pad. The design of your memo pad will be completely decided by your choices. If you use your logo or company name on your memo pads, it will be recognisable for others every time they take out your memory pad. Beside that you can choose the kind of paper you wish to have for your memo pad and how many pages the memo pad should have.

Personalised Memo Pads

Wiro Bound Notepads

Wiro binding is no doubt one of the most popular binding solutions. It has a number of advantages over the glued binding: When opened, the pages of a wiro bound document rotate around the coil with very little resistance. Wiro binding makes reading and handling books very convenient! There are countless possible applications of wiro binding for printed products: It is used in offices to bind presentations, notepads, training instructions or calendars. In the catering industry, menus are often wiro bound. Professors frequently require their students to hand in their papers or theses wiro bound, because they appreciate the advantages of reading documents bound in this way.

Order your wiro bound booklet in the format that suits you best: personalised calendar, notepad, menu and many more. We use high-quality digital printing technology and various options are also available for our wiro bound products. For instance, you can choose between white, black and silver for the wire. To give your wiro booklet a special look, you should go for a matte or glossy finish.

Sticky Notes

Used as notes, to-do-lists and memory aids, sticky note pads are popular promotional giveaways at trade fairs, conferences and other events. With your company logo printed on them, sticky note pads are also suitable equipment for business and sales premises in corporate design. Together with ballpoint pens, writing pads and stationery, sticky notes are the basis of customised business equipment. We recommend an extra soft cover: It protects the adhesive notes, giving them an exclusive and sophisticated touch while providing more space for your advertising message.

Desk Pads

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