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Roller Banners

If you frequently attend exhibitions and conferences our roller banners are perfect to create a professional looking display area. The banners are lightweight, easy to transport and only take seconds to put up. If you want to create a bigger display a pop up stand can be a an option to consider, but alternatively you could put two or three roller banners together to create a strong visual impact.

The graphic rolls into the base of the stand when not in use and a case is provided with each roller banner. Our most popular stand is 85 cms wide and typically have a visual height of 202 cms but a range other widths are also available. The roller banners are normally single sided but on some of our models banners can be displayed on both sides.

We can supply banners in 850mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm sizes all available with a range of bases for different types of floors and high traffic areas. Give us a call to discuss the best size and base for your needs. We can also produce replaceable graphic roller banners to help keep your projects cost effective.


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